Stillwater HS Drama Club selling apparel until Feb. 10

The Stillwater Drama Club is fundraising by selling apparel through Val’s Sporting Goods. You can see all that is available on the Val’s web store. The store will close on Feb. 10. Thank you for your support!

Applications for private/parochial school transportation due by April 1

State law requires parents who are planning to send children to private or parochial schools for the 2019-20 school year to file an application for special transportation by April 1, 2019. A form can be downloaded from the district’s transportation webpage.

Stillwater alumnae return to speak about college experiences

A group of seven Stillwater alumnae returned to campus on Friday, Jan. 4 to speak with current juniors and seniors about their college experiences thus far. The college freshmen touched on everything from making friends and their different food choices to extracurricular activities and what you can do on campus when you need help with …

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