Class of 2023 Top 10 students named

Stillwater High School has named its top ten students for the Class of 2023. Congratulations to Nurshinta Berry (Valedictorian), Amoun Ghorayeb (Salutatorian), Kendall Clements, Isabella DeGrasse, Liam Brady, Joshua Hoyt, Katelyn Koval, Kara Moran, Frank Perniciaro and Julianne Morris.

Nurshinta Berry, Valedictorian
Nurshinta Berry

Amoun Ghorayeb, Salutatorian
Amoun Ghorayeb

Kendall Clements – 3
Kendall Clements

Isabella DeGrasse – 4
Isabella DeGrasse

Liam Brady – 5
Liam Brady

Joshua Hoyt – 6
Joshua Hoyt

Katelyn Koval – 7
Katelyn Koval

Kara Moran – 8
Kara Moran

Frank Perniciaro – 9
Frank Perniciaro

Julianne Morris – 10
Julianne Morris