Elementary PBIS All-Stars recognized at Morning Program on Dec. 20

On Friday, Dec. 20, the elementary students below were recognized for being PBIS All-Stars at the Elementary Morning Program. These students were chosen by their teachers because they represented what it means to be safe, respectful and responsible during December. Congratulations to all!

Students are listed below in no particular order.

Four students standing together with kindergarten sign
Gabrielle Sheehan, Madison Bechtel, Eva Putney, Eryanna Schreifels
Three girls and a boy standing with first grade sign
Ava Potter, Maximus Stefanik, Mianna Moyles, Jane Bailey
Three students standing with second grade sign
Rauri Slattery, Riggins Albert, Kennedie VanPelt, Ethan Walbridge
Four students standing with third grade warrior sign
Alexander Bliss, Addison Callahan, Makayla Bentley, Sophie Mastroianni
Four Fourth grade students standing with warrior sign
Alexandra Liamero, Madeline Chatt, Tim Bombard, Sophie Haney
Five fifth grade students standing with warrior sign
Lili Romanovsky, Robert Keller, Logan Cronin, Andie Luskin, Sean Carney
Two students and a teacher standing with specials sign
Alyson Griffen (2H), Finnley Brownell (1O/K), Dylan Floud (5S), Edward Nelson (KH)