Important Kindergarten Screening Information

Dear Incoming Kindergarten Families:

We are so excited to meet your child next week and welcome them to our school! As a reminder, Kindergarten Screening will be held on June 9 – 11 and June 16. By now you should have received your screening date and time in the mail. If you haven’t, please email Cathy Ryan at for that information. Just a few things to note as we prepare for our screening dates:

  • Before entering the building, our school nurse will be taking everyone’s temperature using a laser thermometer and asking you a few questions to promote a safe experience for all. We ask that if you or your child are not feeling well, that you please reschedule your screening date.
  • Everyone coming into the building must have a mask on, children included. This is for the safety of both our families as well as our staff members.Remember it is limited to one parent per child.
  • We have provided time so that each station may be sanitized between children.
  • Typically, after the screening you would meet with our school counselor to go over the results. To limit the amount of contact between people, we are changing the process this year. You will receive your child’s results in the mail. If there is anything pressing to be discussed, our counselor will call you that day. Once you get the results, you can certainly call and request a phone conference as well.
  • Please remember to bring your parent questionnaire as well as proof of residency.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns you have. You can email me at or call at 518-373-6100 ext. 31001.


Rebecca Toleman
Elementary Principal