Reading Around the World with Flat Stanley was much more than books

Students learning in classroom in decorated quad

In early March, Stillwater Elementary students explored their world while growing their skills by Reading Around the World with Flat Stanley as part of the Pick A Reading Partner Program (PARP). Each student was given a copy of the book “Flat Stanley: His Original Adventure” to read with a partner at home. The children also sent a picture of their Flat Stanley to friends and family around the world, who sent back a picture of Flat Stanley visiting a place in their location.

“Our students were excited to share what they read and where their Flat Stanley had been,” Elementary Principal Rebecca Toleman said. “Our grade levels also decorated their quads to represent one of the seven continents.”

And it wasn’t just elementary classes who participated in Reading Around the World. Stillwater Middle/High School Student Council members also joined in the adventure. They videotaped themselves reading Flat Stanley books and created a library of recordings for their younger peers and their teachers to enjoy.

Special thanks to the Stillwater PTA and all of our students’ reading partners, for their support of the PARP and Flat Stanley programs this year.

Quad decorated as Europe

In the photos: Elementary students decorated their school quads as one of the seven continents as part of their Reading Around the World adventures. More photos are posted on our Facebook page.

quad decorated as South America