Stillwater CSD capital project and vision setting update

Capital project continues to move forward

The $23.1 million capital project residents voted on in December 2016 is moving forward.

The approved project includes a variety of improvements to district facilities, including structural renovations, paving and drainage work, asbestos abatement, and security upgrades.

At the Stillwater Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 9, Sandra Dardanelli of Griffin Dardanelli Architects, the firm handling the plans, presented revised renderings of what the outside of the middle/high school updates could look like. The board discussed their options and will make a final determination in the near future.

The plans for the capital project remain at the State Education Department and are awaiting review. The district submitted plans on Sept. 12, 2017. Dardanelli says the State Education Department review of the architecture wait time is around 15 to 17 weeks and the mechanical review is at 35 weeks.

District officials are still aiming to begin construction in the spring, with an estimated completion in 2021.

Vision setting for our future

Two more vision setting sessions will be held on Monday, Jan. 29 and Wednesday, Feb. 7.

These sessions will include reviewing the district data folio and creating a vision statement for the district.

Consultants Steve Danna and Emma Bartscherer will provide the district with a data folio, including all of the research and interviews they have collected, to be looked over by the 20 person committee made up of community members, board members, teachers, retirees, administration, students and staff.

After the committee reviews the information, Danna will come and present key findings and demonstrate progress to the board.

From here, the board and superintendent will work to put the vision setting plan in motion.