Vision and Core Beliefs

We are Stillwater Central School District, striving to create an inclusive culture with diverse and enriching opportunities that promote student success through continuous improvement and community involvement.

At Stillwater Central School District, we believe…

  • Parents are an integral part of the learning partnership.
  • All students can achieve their highest potential.
  • In our teachers, staff, and administration.
  • That grit, respect, and dedication lead to success.
  • In the success of all students to their highest potential.
  • Diversity contributes to a positive environment for all.
  • In an environment where students are safe and secure.
  • In every student.
  • In continuous improvement of self and community.

The safety and health of our students, our faculty, and our staff is paramount and has been at the forefront of our planning. Our planning is designed to bring the most students back to face-to-face education as possible, while providing additional opportunities and improving upon the distance learning systems that we adopted this past spring. To allow our school district to safely reopen, there are a number of features, contingencies, and safety protocols that we must plan for, and we have attempted to outline this throughout our plan. We understand that the situation around COVID-19 is ever-evolving, and as a result, our plan will be forced to evolve with it. We, as a school district, cannot anticipate the way that the disease will develop, nor can we fully anticipate the way that it will affect our region, but through careful planning, hard work, and resilience, we have put together a plan that allows our schools to have the flexibility to address these concerns. This plan has been developed over months through the input of a vast number of stakeholders, including building and district administrators, teachers, nurses, buildings and grounds staff, students, parents, our local department of health, professional service contractors and our Board of Education. Their time, efforts, and dedication have been inspiring and have provided the backbone for our return this fall.