About Us

The Stillwater Central School District is a charming, rural UPK-12 district serving approximately 1,060 students that is located approximately ten miles from the Northway, with easy access from north and south. The district’s two buildings are located on the same campus, hosting three distinct schools–an elementary, middle and high school.

A small school atmosphere, individual attention and community support are just some of the things that make Stillwater unique. The district is proud to provide students with a strong academic program in core subjects, including accelerated courses, college in the high school, distance learning and a variety of electives. In addition to the traditional academic courses, the district offers competitive sports programs across three seasons and a wide range of clubs and extracurricular activities.

With a focus on continuous improvement of self and community, the Stillwater Central School District provides individualized, exceptional experiences for our students.

Superintendent Patricia Morris poses at her desk for a headshotSuperintendent Patricia Morris

Patricia Morris has been the Superintendent of Schools at Stillwater Central School District since July 2016. Prior to that, she was the Stillwater Middle School Principal for eight years, having also served as an Assistant Principal and Dean of Students and teacher in the district.  Patti is a resident of Stillwater and embraces the opportunity to effect positive change for the benefit of her students, staff and the community. 

Vision Statement

We are Stillwater, striving to create an inclusive culture with diverse and enriching opportunities that promote student success through continuous improvement and community involvement.

Core Belief Statements

At Stillwater Central School District, we believe…

  • Parents are an integral part of the learning partnership.
  • All students can achieve to their highest potential.
  • In our teachers, staff, and administration.
  • That grit, respect, and dedication lead to success.
  • In the success of all students to their highest potential.
  • Diversity contributes to a positive environment for all.
  • In an environment where students are safe and secure.
  • In every student.
  • In continuous improvement of self and community.

Policies and Plans