Student Electronics Policy

The use of electronic devices is regulated by the administration in each building.

At the elementary and middle schools, the use of cell phones is not allowed during regular school hours. Students must turn off their phones and they must not be visible to teachers or school officials unless the student is given expressed permission by an administrator or by a teacher for instructional purposes in a classroom.

At the high school, students are permitted to use their cell phones during non-instructional times provided their use does not disrupt the educational process. While students are permitted to use such devices during the school day, they are prohibited from using them in any manner which invades a person’s privacy (for example, all electronic devices and cell phones are strictly prohibited in locker rooms or bathrooms at all times), disrupts the educational environment or endangers the safety of students, staff, or visitors.

The utilization of a recording device of any kind (cell phone, smart devices, cameras, sound recorders, video recorders, etc.) to record or capture an image of another student or staff member is strictly prohibited without prior permission of a school official. Students are allowed to utilize school devices to record themselves or others as part of a school project, event, or activity (e.g. Warrior TV) provided they have the permission of the person(s) being recorded and under the supervision of a teacher or advisor.

School officials reserve the right to take any electronic device that is being used in a manner contrary to policy and it may be subject to search as part of that investigation. Students who carry electronic devices do so at their own risk. The school cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged electronic property. The only way to ensure the safety of these items is to leave them at home.