Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Meeting Dates

During the school year, meetings will be held the first Monday or Wednesday (rotating schedule) each month from October to June.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does the PTA do? 
A. The PTA supports the elementary, middle, and high school. We provide and support activities, programs, and events such as Autumn Fun Day, Warrior Day, Mission Day, Parents As Reading Partners (PARP), Ice Cream Social, book fairs, Holiday Workshop, Staff Appreciation Week, and much, much, more! This year we are looking to add some new events/activities and we want YOU and your creativity to help us make these events happen!

Q. How do I become a member? 
A. Membership forms are sent home with students in the beginning of the school year, and the Stillwater PTA is represented at Open House. You can also become a member online.

Q. What does a member do? 
A. The Stillwater PTA encourages all of its members to volunteer to help the organization and its many events run smoothly. From helping at home to helping in school, from coordinating events to selling concessions, there is something for everyone.

Q. What are the membership dues? 
A. The membership fee is $8. Checks may be made payable to the Stillwater PTA or you can sign up online.

Q. Why does the PTA hold fundraisers? 
A. The Stillwater PTA is responsible for funding many of the fun social events and some of the educational programs that are available to students in grades K-8. The Stillwater PTA holds several fundraisers during the school year to meet its operating budget.