High School Curriculum General Information

Academic Intervention Services

Students unable to meet Regents or NYS proficiency requirements will be assigned Academic Intervention Services (AIS). AIS classes are required by New York state and shall take priority over elective course selections.

Advanced Placement/University in the High School/Distance Learning

Stillwater High School provides students with opportunities to gain college credit through coursework completed at SHS. Prerequisite coursework and teacher recommendation are required for consideration for AP, University in the High School (UHS), or Distance Learning (DL) classes offered on the HVCC ITV network. UHS are college level classes taught by SHS staff through SUNY Adirondack.

Course Load Requirements

Enrollment in Courses

  • All students at SHS must take 5 academic credits plus Physical Education for a minimum of 5½ units of credit each year.
  • Students who fall behind in credits may be required to carry a heavier load of units of credit along with physical education.
  • Class placement is based upon the number of credits previously earned.
  • Seniors not meeting the 5½ credit minimum will be scheduled into elective classes.

Course Selections

Beginning the second semester, all students will select courses for the following school year. Course selections will be based on:

  • Graduation requirements
  • Prerequisite knowledge
  • Successful completion of current courses
  • Sequence coursework requirements
  • Proficiency level reached on Regents and NYS Exams
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Student interest

A parent must approve these selections before an assignment is complete. Courses not approved by the above-mentioned criteria but requested by parents will require a waiver for student enrollment submitted to the school principal.

Grading System/Class Rank

Stillwater High School derives a class rank for each student based on the weighted average of the course. AP courses, University in the High School, Distance Learning classes, and Advanced Classes are weighted for class ranking purposes. Weighted grades will be reported to colleges.