Board work sessions will allow better focus on information, activities

A new Board of Education work session format is being implemented beginning in September to enhance the flow of information and activity details to the board and allow members to better focus on such items.

During months with two Board of Education meetings, the first meeting will be a board work session, where school and district-related information will be presented to and discussed by board members. Topics could include updates about athletics, safety, finances, facilities and other items, as well as presentations by faculty, students and staff. As with all regular Board of Education meetings, board work sessions will be open to the public, yet with a sole focus on board work rather than public comment or feedback.

At the second meeting each month, the Board of Education will conduct its regular responsibilities of voting on items, addressing business items and making appointments, and the public comment period will be part of this second meeting. As with the work session, the second meeting, as a regular board meeting, is open to the public.

For more information about the Board of Education, visit the Board of Education webpage.