Staying Organized

Use A Planner

  • Write assignments in your planner daily.
  • Cross off assignments that are already completed.
  • Remember to write things down that come up immediately (homework, quizzes, study time).
  • If assignments are due at the end of the week, write the assignment in your planner everyday until you finish it so you don’t forget about it.
  • Check your planner every day to make sure you know what assignments are due and when. This will help you be prepared for the day!

Organizing Your Stuff

  • Have a place to put papers for each class. You can use a plastic file organizer, separate folders or binders for each class, or notebook pockets.
  • Get a separate notebook for each class.
  • Keep your locker organized. Throw out unnecessary papers and garbage weekly.
  • Keep your backpack organized by cleaning it out weekly.
  • Remember to put papers in their designated places.

Stay Organized At Home

  • Establish a home study area. This allows you to have only one area for homework and study time.
  • Develop good habits and come up with a routine. Create a schedule where you do your homework at the same time and put your homework back into your backpack.
  • Check your planner the night before school and have supplies packed and ready ahead of time and located in the same spot each day.