Middle School Counseling Department

School during COVID: Virtual Learning Tips for Students

  • Set Up a Work Station- find a quiet area with a flat surface that you can use your Chromebook and be able to write, keep a few needed school supplies together (pens, pencils, paper, earbuds). Remember to leave your phone in a different room or at least turn it over so you don’t see the screen/turn off the volume if you use it for an alarm
  • Routine- have a schedule that you follow for each day. It doesn’t have to be the same each day, just that you know what to expect/what the plan is for say, Tuesday
  • Schedule- have it posted in your work area so you know when your virtual classes are, breaks, lunch and when you are doing assigned work
  • Time- have a reliable clock and alarm that you can use so it can remind you when you have Google Meets
  • Google Meets- attend all of the designated class times- you wouldn’t skip if you were in school don’t skip just because you are home
  • Get Engaged- turn on your camera and microphone so your teacher sees you are ready to learn and are paying attention
  • Organization- check the Google Classroom page for each subject and complete assignments as they are posted or use Hapara (click on the top of the school website-COVID for further instructions) to see all of your assignments
  • Preparation- keep your Chromebook and charger together. Charge while using it so it’s ready for in-person days
  • Resources- Not understanding something? Ask questions during classes, email teachers, or attend teacher office hours to get help
  • Attitude- Yes, this is difficult but it is manageable as long as you work daily. Keep in mind that the amount of time in classes for both in-person days and virtual days is shorter than what you have had in the past. Make good use of the time you are not scheduled and get work done so you can enjoy the rest of your day! When you complete everything assigned you have less stress than when you owe past assignments.

Apply for summer jobs through SYEP

The Saratoga County Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP 2021) is a grant-funded summer job program for young people ages 14-20 years old, with eligibility based on family income. SYEP provides youth with summer work experience and training to help them develop the skills they need to succeed in the workforce. SYEP runs for approximately eight weeks and begins at 20-30 hours per week at most worksites. Youth are paid minimum wage.

If a family receives SNAP, HEAP or Family Assistance/Safety Net, or if a youth receives Medicaid (including waiver) or Supplemental Security Income, they automatically qualify. If none of the assistance programs apply, qualification is based on family income, 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Below is a link for more information and a fillable Pre-Application for SYEP 2021 form, with priority given to applications received by April 23. Intake/interviews will begin in May or June. For questions, call 518-884-4170, ask for Katherine or call or text 518-941-4614.

A returned application is not a guarantee of a summer job. Placement is based on funding, jobs available and an appropriate fit. However, SYEP will do everything they can to place as many applicants who qualify.

2021 SYEP Fillable Preapplication and Cover Sheet

Progress Report/Report Card Distribution Dates

  • Friday, October 16, 2020 – Progress Reports Issued
  • Friday, November 20, 2020 – Marking Period 1 Report Cards Issued
  • Friday, December 18, 2020 – Progress Reports Issued
  • Friday, February 5, 2021 – Marking Period 2 Report Cards Issued
  • Friday, March 19, 2021 – Progress Reports Issued
  • Friday, April 23, 2021 – Marking Period 3 Report Cards Issued
  • Friday, May 28, 2021 – Progress Reports Issued
  • Friday, June 25, 2021 – Marking Period 4 Report Cards Issued

All progress reports and report cards will be mailed on the specified date above.

World Language Selection

In the spring, sixth grade students are asked to choose between French and Spanish as a fifth core class for seventh grade. Course preference is given in the order in which the selection sheets are returned. However, sending it in by the due date does not guarantee placement in the language selected. Students have been told that they should hand in the sheets as soon as possible to have the best chance. 

Music Selection

In the spring, sixth grade students are asked to choose a music class for seventh grade. Students can choose from general music, chorus and/or band. General music meets every other day for half of the year while band and chorus meet every other day for the whole year. Students who sign up for band or chorus are expected to remain in the course for the whole year. Students who take both band and chorus split their time between the two classes in order to do both. Students who have never taken band before need to meet with the band teacher for an assessment prior to being enrolled.

Students in 7th grade are asked to do the same.

Students in 8th grade are asked to choose between band, chorus, Studio Art or Design and Drawing for Production.


  • Grade 6 – Art, Home and Careers, Computer Tech, Physical Education
  • Grade 7 – Art, Business and Finance, Technology, Physical Education
  • Grade 8 – Art, Technology, Health, Physical Education


Grades 7 and 8- Video Journalism and Mindfulness and Yoga