Families in Transition

Supported by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, Families in Transition is a program for students and families in temporary housing situations. The program goal is to ensure that homeless children and youth have equal access to the same free, appropriate, public education provided to other children, with the opportunity to meet the same challenging New York State content and student performance standards.

Families in Transition supports children who are in temporary housing, or children who do not have a fixed, adequate and regular nighttime residence. Examples of temporary housing include:

  • Sleeping at a campground or motel due to loss of housing
  • Staying with friends or relatives because of a loss of housing or economic hardship (also known as doubled up)
  • Staying in an emergency or transitional shelter
  • Sleeping in a car, bus, train station or other public place
  • Sleeping in an abandoned building or some other inadequate accommodation

This program also assists students residing in a shelter situation, and helps remove barriers to enrollment, attendance and supports the success of homeless children in school. The district has staff on hand ready to assist students in temporary housing. Support is available in all buildings, district wide. If you feel that you might be eligible for this program, please contact:

Clint Froschauer
Middle School/High School: (518) 373-6100, ext. 30000
Elementary School: (518) 373-6100, ext. 31000