The Stillwater Central School District runs an average of 22 buses each day— traveling over 300,000 miles a year. Approximately 1,060 public school students and a variety of private and parochial students ride Stillwater buses daily.

Transportation Procedures for K-8 Students

Transportation will only be provided to or from home, a babysitter or day care, and only within the school district. Read more about the Transportation Procedures

Private/Parochial Transportation

State law requires parents who are planning to send children to private or parochial schools for the 2024-25 school year to file an application for special transportation by April 1, 2024.

School Closings

Please make sure you are signed up for the district’s Emergency Phone Notification System so you will get automatic alerts in the event of school closings and early dismissals. Also, check local radio and TV stations and this website for closing information.

Bus Behavior Guidelines

Stillwater bus drivers will not permit any unsafe behavior by anyone while on the school buses. The lives of the students and drivers are at stake, and no misconduct will be tolerated that jeopardizes safe travel to and from school. Read the Bus Behavior Guidelines