District installs strobe lights to improve security measures on campus

The Stillwater Central School District is continuing its work to improve security measures on campus. In an effort to keep students, parents, and visitors safe during emergencies, the district has installed blue strobe lights on the exterior of all buildings and within the buildings where it might be difficult to hear announcements (cafeterias, gymnasiums, etc.). The lights are meant to alert people that there is a potential threat and lets them know that they should not try to enter the building.

“As always, the safety and security of our students and staff is our top priority,” Superintendent Patricia Morris said. “We also want to make sure our visitors on campus are aware if there is a potential emergency and these strobe lights will help create a safer environment for all.”

The lights have been tested and they can be used either as a campus-wide alert or for a specific building. Staff and students will be trained on the use of the new strobes within the next couple of weeks. All lockdown drills following the training will include the use of the strobe alerts.

The strobe light project was funded by the district’s Smart Schools Bond Act allocation from New York State.