Elementary End-of-Year Update

Dear Stillwater Elementary Families,

I can’t believe it has been 12 weeks that I have been sending updates regarding our remote learning and school closure. With every week that passed, I remained hopeful that we would see our students in person one last time. Before I go into end-of-year updates, I need to take a moment to take care of some thank you’s.

First, to our amazing team of teachers. With less than 24 hours to prepare, they became experts in remote learning. In most areas, they trained themselves and worked collaboratively to provide the best instruction they could to our students given the circumstances. Kudos to all of them!

Next to all of our families and caregivers. You, too, had to become experts in areas I bet you never thought you would have to be. You made sure your children participated in Google Meets, worked with them on assignments and provided emotional support when they learned they couldn’t return to school.

Finally, to our students. They had to rise to the challenge of 12 weeks of school without physically being in the building. That is a challenge even for most adults yet they did and we are so proud of them! This will certainly be a year to remember!

Here are some updates for the upcoming weeks:

Fourth Quarter and Summer School:

  • Teachers will begin to wind down new instruction the week of June 8.
  • The final day of school for students and staff is June 19.
  • Per Governor Cuomo’s orders, summer school will be held virtually. If your child is attending, you will receive further guidance.

Supply Pick-Up:

Families will be able to come pick up supplies on Monday, June 22 (last names A-H) and Tuesday, June 23 (last names I-Z) between 8 a.m.-1 p.m. You will pull into the bus circle and a staff member will bring the supplies over to your car. At that time, you can drop off library books or other school materials that your child may have. We will ONLY be collecting chromebooks from 5th grade students. Report cards and memory books will also be handed out at this time.

UPK Moving Up:

On Friday, June 19, we will be traveling to the home of each UPK student to deliver their certificate and some treats. Students will be provided with caps prior to June 19 to wear upon our arrival.

5th Grade Moving Up:

There will be a virtual ceremony posted to our website on Wednesday, June 17. On Thursday, June 18, the 5th grade teachers and administrators will be delivering certificates, memory books, report cards and goodies to each of our 5th grade students.

UPK Registration:

Our UPK Registration will be held in the Elementary Library on June 17 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Only one parent/guardian will be allowed to come in to register. Please do not bring any children with you.

Kindergarten Screening:

Kindergarten Screening will be held on June 9 – 11 and June 16. If you have registered a child for Kindergarten, you will receive a date and time for their screening in the mail. Be sure to visit our website to watch the Kindergarten Information videos.

As you read through all of this, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. I will continue to update you if anything changes. Once again, thank you for your continued support.


Rebecca Toleman
Elementary Principal