Elementary PBIS All-Stars recognized at Morning Program on June 17

On Monday, June 17, elementary students were recognized for being PBIS All-Stars at the Elementary Morning Program. This means that the students have represented what it means to be safe, respectful and responsible during that month. Congratulations to all!

Students are listed below in no particular order.

Two girls and a boy with Kindergartern sign
Grace Finnegan, Meagan Sweet, Cameron Seymour, Aubrey Reed
Three girls and a boy with first grade sign
Mia Morgan, Cassandra Bliss, Ryan Olszowy, Maeleigh Akin
Three girls and a boy with second grade sign
Adahlia Gregoire, Kaiya Sheehy, Cameron Gonyea, Mackenzie Morocco
A boy and a girl with third grade sign
Noah Sprague, Dominic Donini , Ashley Estep
Three girls and a boy with fourth grade sign
Cameron Mercier, Juliahna Dickinson, Alexis LaPlante, Brooke Cunningham
Four girls and a boy with 5th grade sign
Caden Zeller, Jillian Catalfamo, Ella Wagner, Mallory Bentley, Tessa Miller
Two girls and two boys with specials sign
Tori Dougall (1st), Tiernan Houseman (5th), Allison Burns (4th), Bryce Grennan (K)