Falling for fun: Stillwater Elementary students celebrate the season with “Autumn Fun Day”

Group photo of elementary students doing the number "1" sign.

Witches, superheroes and Barbies, oh my! Stillwater Elementary held its annual “Autumn Fun Day” on Tuesday, Oct. 31 to celebrate the fall season and of course, Halloween! Students had a fun-filled day packed with autumn-themed activities that culminated with the school’s annual Halloween Parade that afternoon.

Three teachers dressed as the Sanderson sisters from the movie "Hocus Pocus."

The fall festivities began early Tuesday morning and included tug of war, fall games, autumn crafts, kick ball, a scavenger hunt, a bounce house, fall bingo and a photo booth. Joyful laughter could be heard and smiles of excitement were seen as students rotated through each station. Families volunteered to help with different activities, which also gave them the opportunity to spend time with their children and be a part of their school experience.

Elementary students pulling the rope as part of "Tug of War."

“It was a wonderful day for our students, allowing them to show their Warrior Pride and have fun with their classmates,” said Stillwater Elementary Principal, Rebecca Toleman.

Elementary student crawling out of the bounce house.

The day concluded with Stillwater Elementary’s annual Halloween Parade. Families were invited to watch as students and staff made their way around the district’s turf field. There were many eye-catching and creative costumes this year from both students and staff. From darling princesses, to inflatable dinosaurs and everything in-between, this year’s Autumn Fun Day/Halloween celebrations did not disappoint.

Collage of five photos showing students doing fall-themed activities.

Collage of five photos showing students doing fall-themed activities.