Important information for HS students & families

The following letter was sent to high school families Jan. 6, 2023

Dear Stillwater High School Families and Students:

Good afternoon! As you know, the end of our first semester of the 2022-2023 school year is quickly approaching.

On Friday, January 27, we will be facing the end of the first semester and the end of our second quarter! The New York State Regents exams and local high school midterms/finals (for half year courses) will be administered during the week of January 23. This letter is to inform you of the Stillwater HS schedule exam schedule in addition to the NYS Regents Exams. You will find the schedules at the end of this letter.

Here are some details about the Stillwater HS exam schedule:
● The regular high school period schedule will be followed on Monday, January 23 and Tuesday, January 24.
● NYS Regents Exams will be administered from Tuesday, January 24 – Friday, January 27 (see schedule after this letter).
● Your child will be informed by their school counselor if there is a need to retake a Regents exam. Details of location and proctor will be provided during the upcoming week.
● Local school exams will be administered from Wednesday, January 25 – Friday, January 27 (see schedule).
● Students should be prepared to take an assessment for the 90-minute block of time for each subject area. Assessments may be a traditional exam, unit exams, and/or project. Teachers will inform and prepare their students for the type of assessment administered on these days. In some cases, students will begin the assessment prior to the exam days.
● PM EXAMS – Scheduled with a specific teacher – Students stay for a PM exam only if a teacher schedules it with your child. Make-up exams and some AP and college course exams may be administered in the afternoon. Those teachers will inform their students if this is the case. Make-up exams will be administered in the afternoon.
● Transportation will be provided with the normal bus runs in the morning and afternoon. When students are dismissed at 11:15, there is a bus run scheduled at that time. Students may also utilize the normal 2:20 bus run, the 3:15 bus run and the late bus run if they stay for afternoon exams.
● Students who are provided extra time to complete exams will remain in school to complete their exams in the afternoon on the day of the exam.
● Students who attend outside programs at the Myers Center, SUNY ADK, and HVCC will be provided transportation to their program and an individualized exam schedule. The school counselor will provide them with a schedule to minimize conflicts and ensure access to their program during the exam days and time to complete their exams in school.
● If there is a snow day on Wednesday and/or Thursday, students will attend school on Friday to complete any missed exam due to the snow day. If this occurs, more detail will be provided the morning of the canceled exam day.
● Seniors who drive may be dismissed from school at 10:45, with an expectation the student will sign out at the front office and follow the usual protocol.
● Any student who is arriving late and/or leaving early MUST have an excuse/note, signed by their parent/guardian. No student will be permitted to leave without a note.
● Breakfast will be provided upon arrival to school in the MS cafeteria and lunch will be provided every day prior to the 11:20 dismissal and bus run.
● A “hard copy” of the schedule will be provided to your child this week during class.
● All exams and locations will be posted outside the guidance office on the bulletin board.

Other news:
Additionally, your child has an excellent opportunity to attend an after-school session on Wednesday, January 18,2023. On this day at this time, teachers will be available until 3:10 to provide extra help, make-up assignments, and/or review for midterms/finals. This is a time when any student may stay with a teacher. Teachers may request that your child remain in school for this purpose. Please be advised that there is a bus run at 3:15 if your child needs

Please keep in mind that we continue to hold academic learning labs for each subject area on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 2:30-3:10. This is a productive time for your child to receive extra help, make-up assignments and/or assessments, and to connect with their core subject teachers for any academic reason. When students utilize this time, they experience a direct positive result in their grades.

We look forward to a productive academic time for your child and share your goal of your child meeting with success as we approach the end of the first semester. You may expect your child’s second quarter report card to be available on Friday, Feb. 3 when they are released to your child in school.

Please feel free to contact the school counselors who are also available to assist with any questions/concerns related to the upcoming exams.

Best wishes to you and your family in 2023!

Carolyn Manzella
Stillwater HS Principal

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