Rep. Paul Tonko delivers donated books to Stillwater Middle/High School library

Representative Paul Tonko made a visit to Stillwater Middle/High School on Thursday, Mar. 29 to deliver more than thirty books to the school’s library from the Library of Congress Surplus Books Program.

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world, with more than 162 million items. It has surplus books available at all times, for donation to eligible organizations and institutions. In October, Middle/High School Librarian Amy Carpenter contacted the program through Rep. Tonko’s office, seeking the donation.

​She was able to select broad categories of books that will be useful to our students such as fiction, non-fiction, and reference books for ages 10-adult. Staff from Rep. Tonko’s Washington, D.C. office go to the Library of Congress weekly to retrieve materials. They contacted Mrs. Carpenter as soon as they had the materials that met her request.

Middle and high school student government representatives greeted the Congressman and accepted the books on the school’s behalf. Tonko also spoke with the students about the program and answered any questions that they had.

Rep. Paul Tonko speaks with students in the Stillwater Middle/High School library.

Rep. Paul Tonko poses for a picture with Stillwater students and staff after donating books to the Middle/High School Library.