Thank you and best wishes to our retirees

Thank you to the following staff members who retired during the 2022-23 school year. Wishing you all the best for the next chapter of your lives.

District staff:
Robbi Kennedy (24 years)
Elizabeth McNeil (27 years)

Transportation staff:
Josie Batchelder (38 years)
Donna Morby (22 years)
Linda Ontkush (10 years)
Mary Brior (21 years)

Elementary staff:
Edie Wickes (28-plus years)
Deanna Sargent (13 years)

Middle School staff:
Marla Scarchilli (31 years)
Sue Staulters (23 years)

High School staff:
Joanne Boucher (10 years)

The Stillwater Board of Education recently honored our retirees and recognized Board members Brian McNeil and David Giso for their years of service. Visit our Facebook page for photos.