Third grade students express their gratitude at the annual “Sing and Give Thanks” Concert

Every student in the third grade participated in the concert.

Third graders at Stillwater Elementary School kicked off the holiday season on Wednesday, Nov. 15 with the annual “Sing and Give Thanks” Concert. Under the direction of music teacher Rachael O’Neill, students eagerly took the stage in front of their families and the school community to perform songs, recite poems and share their writings about what they were thankful for.

Students Raegan T., Emily H., Charlotte B., Autumn M. and Matthew K. read the poem “We Are Thankful.”

The energy from students could be felt throughout the audience as they sang traditional Thanksgiving songs such as Over the River and Through the Woods and Albuquerque Turkey. In addition, upbeat pieces were performed, including Five Fat Turkeys and We Are Thankful.

Third grader Makenna C. read what she was thankful for.

While the “Sing and Give Thanks” Concert showcased the talent of students, it was also a real-life lesson in philanthropy and gratitude. Students utilized the opportunity to collect various items for the Stillwater Backpack Program.