Two students named winners in Stillwater COVID-19 poster contest

Two Stillwater students, 8th grader Megan Jewett and 10th grader Katelyn Koval, were recently named winners of a COVID-19 poster competition. The competition took place among Stillwater art students after their teachers discussed ways to create persuasive and eye-catching poster designs. 

“The safety COVID posters that have been provided across the country are very boring, with little thought to the imagination,” Art Teacher Samantha Conboy said. “Our goal was to have the students create a persuasive poster that was eye catching so that if someone was walking down the hallway it would get their attention. We wanted to get our message across in a meaningful, yet creative way.”

The students were given five different topics to choose from including: stay six feet apart, wash your hands, wear a mask, avoid crowds, and stay home if you’re feeling sick. Each student decided which idea they wanted to focus on and then applied their own creative twist. 

The students submitted entries throughout November and December and recently, administrators got together to judge the posters. Both students received gift cards from TCT Federal Credit Union as their prize. Congratulations, Megan and Katelyn!

Poster with eagle sitting on a rock with wings expanded.
Megan’s Poster Design
Poster says "Wearing a Mask is an Easy Task" with a girl wearing a mask in the center.
Katelyn’s Poster Design