Elementary PBIS all-stars recognized at Morning Program on March 1

On Friday, March 1, elementary students were recognized for being PBIS All-Stars at the Elementary Morning Program. This means that the students have represented what it means to be safe, respectful and responsible during that month. The students were chosen by their teachers and each student received a certificate for 25 Wampum to be redeemed at the PBIS Warrior Store. Congratulations to all!

Students are listed below in no particular order.

Three students standing with the specials sign
Addison Roberts, Lily Scott, Alexis LaPlante, Dax Farley
Four students standing in a row with a kindergarten sign
Gracie Hernandez, Finnley Brownell, Calan Johnston, Cassidy Phelps
Three students standing together with a first grade sign
Rauri Slatterly, Ryleigh Burns, Ethan Walbridge, Evyn Patenaude
A group of students standing together with a second grade sign
Gianna Carson, John Sweet, Aubrey Burdo, Aubrey Zito, Arianna Castro
A group of students standing together with a third grade sign
Maddie Chatt, Tim Bombard, Lauryn Huynh
A group of students standing with a fourth grade sign
Vincent Parella, Eva Steinmuller, Kaila Perkins, Alexander Lee
A group of students standing with a fifth grade sign
Brittany Degen, Brooke Coon, Katie Coogan, Frank Marshall, Neil Brennan