Individuals in school community test positive for COVID-19

September 14, 2021

Dear Stillwater Community,

Yesterday, our school district began posting information to the New York State COVID-19 dashboard, the first day schools were required to post. This included seven positive cases yesterday: six individuals in the elementary school community and one individual in the high school community. There was no in-school exposure to others by these seven individuals, and contact tracing was not required by the Saratoga County Department of Health.

Today, the district confirmed that two individuals in the middle school community have tested positive for COVID-19. The Saratoga County Department of Health has begun contact tracing for these two positive cases.

We will continue to work with the Department of Health concerning COVID-19 in our schools and keep our school community informed. Please note that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other privacy laws restrict us from disclosing or confirming any personally identifiable information. We cannot identify anyone who has tested positive.

For everyone’s health and safety, it is essential that students or staff who are sick or symptomatic stay home, to allow our schools to keep providing in-person instruction. It is also important to inform the district if your child becomes symptomatic or if someone in your household tests positive.

If an individual has been tested for COVID-19, they should remain home until the test results are confirmed negative. If they are diagnosed as being COVID-19 positive, before returning to school, they must satisfy isolation protocols (typically 10 days) and have improving symptoms. They also must be fever-free for 24 hours without using fever-reducing medication, per the New York State Department of Health.

If you have a question regarding COVID-19 symptoms or protocols please reach out. Our COVID Team is here to help. If we do not have the answer we will connect with the Department of Health to get it for you.

Patricia Morris
Superintendent of Schools