Kindness Club students thank veterans for their service in many ways

artwork and essays on wall

Students in Stillwater Elementary’s Kindness Club, with their advisor Shannon Tanner, organized several ways for our school to recognize the veterans in our community.

The students filled out pennants with the names of veterans whom they know, made cards that were dropped off to local American Legions, decorated their school’s hallway, and wrote essays on what Veterans Day means to them.

“We typically host a Veterans Day ceremony to honor and recognize the veterans in our community and those related to our staff and students,” said Elementary Principal Rebecca Toleman. “Due to COVID restrictions, we were unable to do that this year.

“However, our school community recognized the importance of honoring the veterans and found a different way to do so. I am grateful to our Kindness Club for organizing this important work.”

My Veteran artwork My Veteran artwork

artwork on wall

student-created flag on wall