MS/HS air monitors have been upgraded for student safety, health

April 26, 2022

Dear Stillwater MS/HS families,

In an effort to proactively address the vaping epidemic involving adolescents, Stillwater Middle/High School has taken a comprehensive approach to combat the use of airborne substances in school. We have installed air monitoring devices throughout the Middle/High School building, and they will be in operation effective Wednesday, April 27, 2022.

These devices are capable of detecting a number of airborne substances. Vaping is an unhealthy habit, which is prohibited by our code of conduct as well as state law on school campuses and transportation. In addition, these devices add a layer of protection to maintain air quality and physical safety for our students, detecting various changes in the environment to which administration can respond.

Thank you for your partnership in helping us provide a positive learning and working environment in our school.

Carolyn Manzella
Interim High School Principal

Timothy Hulihan
Middle School Principal