Musical notes and travel anecdotes: Stillwater Wind Ensemble performs in Boston

On Friday, May 10, the Stillwater High School Wind Ensemble ventured to Boston, Massachusetts to perform at the Bunker Hill Monument. The music group – led by Dr. Dominick Ferrara of the Berklee College of Music – played in front of the historic memorial, captivating the attention of tourists and city residents as they passed by.

Following their performance, students participated in a one hour workshop at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, home to one of the top music programs in the nation. They had the opportunity to showcase their talent while gaining valuable insight and knowledge from Dr. Ferrara.

“Our time performing at Bunker Hill made an immeasurable impact not only on our student musicians, but our entire music program as a whole,” said Stillwater Middle/High School band teacher Patrick Foxton. “To know we have talent to perform alongside one of the top professors at Berklee is incredibly special.”

Senior Sarah Folmann echoed Mr. Foxton’s sentiment saying, “The trip to Boston was a very memorable and diverse experience. It was the first time we got to work with a college professor, let alone one from Berklee. It was an interesting perspective to have someone new listening and conducting us.”

A city rich in history, students spent the rest of the day exploring Boston. Various landmarks were visited, including Fort Independence and Faneuil Hall; students also stopped by Old South Meeting House, the infamous organizing point of the Boston Tea Party, and Old State House, the site of the Boston Massacre.

“The trip was very fun and we sounded great,” said senior Dylan Izzo. “Boston is such a beautiful place and I’m glad I got to experience it with my best friends.”