Their talent has gone to the dogs (and cats)

animal portraits posted on a bulletin board

Stillwater Elementary and High School art students recently tapped their talent and creative skills to help the Saratoga Animal Shelter find homes for pets, with beautiful results.

“The students collected photos from the shelter to recreate in a drawing or in digital art, in hopes that displaying the artwork would help these animals get adopted,” said Samantha Conboy, high school art teacher.

“The high school and elementary students also shared their finished artwork with one another. However, they did not know ahead of time who they were collaborating with.  It was a fun surprise to be able to see one another’s work when they were finished.”

The artwork is displayed in the high school now, then will move to the elementary school and finally will be displayed at the animal shelter.

View more photos of the artwork in our Facebook album.

artwork of cats

artwork of a dog named Georgie

artwork of a dog