Track & turf field, bleacher & door project video provides background, answers questions

Stillwater residents will vote on March 24 on a proposal to make improvements to the track and turf field surfaces and the middle school gym bleachers and doors. The vote on the proposed $1.3 million capital project, which would result in no tax increase, will take place from 12-9 p.m. in the Stillwater CSD auditorium.

In light of current challenges to accessing information in-person ahead of the March 24 referendum, the district has produced a turf, bleacher & door project video to provide as much background as possible, while also addressing questions that have arisen. In the video, Stillwater administrators, coaches and staff provide an overview of the project, why it’s needed and how it would benefit students, the school and the community.

The district has also established an email box, specifically for project-related questions at

The proposed project would result in no tax increase because the majority of the project would be paid for using funds already approved by district residents in 2018 and reserved, with the remainder coming from the district’s fund balance. Read more about the project.