What’s new in 2024 at Stillwater Central School District

Recent snowfalls have provided the opportunity for Stillwater Elementary students to play outside during recess.

2024 is off to an exciting – and snowy – start at Stillwater Central School District. Since classes resumed on Jan. 2, students throughout the district have been busy with everything from conducting science experiments to rehearsing for a school play. Moreover, recent storms have covered the ground with significant amounts of snow, signaling the start of winter activities and outdoor recess.

Fresh snow meant the beginning of outdoor winter recess for Stillwater Elementary. Students were excited to finally be able to play in the snow with their classmates and came prepared each day with puffy coats, snow pants, boots, mittens and hats. From mid-morning to early afternoon, joyful cheers and hearty laughter could be heard throughout the school’s campus as students ran, threw snowballs and created snow slides.

Elementary students worked together and built slides made out of snow.

While recess is generally a time for elementary students to expend their energy, it can also be a time for learning. For instance, students develop their social-emotional skills through interactions with their peers and school staff. They also utilize problem solving and collaboration skills during play. One example is the snow slides made by students; not only did they work together to build the slides, but they also figured out a way to take turns using them. If there was a disagreement, staff stepped in and showed students how to productively work through the problem, illustrating the valuable skill of conflict resolution.

Sixth grade students are currently working on creating their own club or team.

At Stillwater Middle School, students have been expressing their creativity through different forms of art with teacher Samuel Jones. In the sixth grade, students are working on a project where they create their own team or club, designing everything from logos to apparel. Their final drawing will showcase what their team/club is about, its benefits, clothing offered, etc.

Seventh graders are utilizing Chuck Close’s grid method to bring objects of their choosing to life.

Meanwhile, seventh graders are in the midst of bringing images to life through the style of renowned artist Chuck Close. Close was infamous for his photorealism paintings and used a grid technique to transfer the subject of a photograph to a larger canvas, ensuring the finest of details were reflected in his final work. Students are currently drawing photos of their choosing using Close’s method and will soon add color.

Eighth grade students are creating 3D sculptures out of cardboard.

Lastly, eighth grade students are creating 3D sculptures using cardboard. The project has enabled students to embrace their creative freedom and be unique in their design approach. Sculptures currently in the works include a snowboard, a dinosaur, an elephant and more.

High school students tested their physics knowledge by creating egg carriers and dropping them five meters high.

Physics and creativity recently came together for an “egg-citing” experiment at Stillwater High School. Students in Ms. Robinson’s physics class were tasked with designing carriers to cradle eggs as they were dropped from a height of five meters. Students had to conduct various calculations prior to the experiment to ensure their carrier would not only survive the drop, but land the egg safely without any cracks. The knowledge and skills of students were put to the test when it came time for the experiment; carriers were released one-by-one from the second floor stairway. Results were mixed as several eggs landed safely in their carriers, while some broke. Overall, the experiment was a success since students were able to apply the scientific process in real-life and have fun while doing it.

Despite being only three weeks into the new year, students throughout the Stillwater Central School District have accomplished a great deal. If that much can be achieved within a small time frame, just imagine what students can accomplish in the five remaining months of the school year. Stay up to date with student accomplishments and district news by checking www.scsd.org or following SCSD on Facebook, X and Instagram.