Stillwater Athletic Hall of Fame


The Stillwater Athletic Hall of Fame was chartered in the spring of 2007. Its purpose is to recognize and honor the accomplishments of the inductees and develop pride in the rich athletic traditions at Stillwater. These teams, coaches, athletes, and supporters who have shown good citizenship and moral character, while participating with distinction in Stillwater athletics, help bring honor, recognition, distinction, and excellence to Stillwater Central School District. This recognition exemplifies Stillwater’s commitment to academics, community, and athletic excellence.

The Nomination and Selection Process

1. Complete and return a Hall of Fame Nomination Application. Please remember that nominations are based only on high school achievements.

2. The committee shall meet to review all timely received nominations and elect candidates.

3. Newly elected members of the Hall of Fame will be notified, in writing, by the committee. A press release is issued announcing this year’s inductees. With the exception of the 2007 inaugural class, the class of inductees shall not number more than four (4).

4. Members will be inducted at a ceremony conducted at a home football game. Each Honoree will be presented a Hall of Fame plaque during the induction ceremony. A duplicate plaque will be placed in the Hall of Fame Trophy Case in the foyer of the Lilac gym.

Voting Guidelines for Induction

  • The Hall of Fame Selection Committee will consist of 8-10 voting members.
  • All nominations are to remain confidential, to be shared among the members of the committee only.
  • The committee will review each nomination to ensure eligibility.
  • The committee will review and discuss each eligible nominee.
  • Each member of the committee will vote to continue to consider the candidate for this year’s Hall of Fame class, or table the candidate for consideration into the next Hall of Fame class.
  • Once each candidate is voted on, those voted to be considered for this year’s class will be further discussed and then voted on by the committee.
  • The tally of the votes will remain confidential to the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.
  • Members of the selection committee are eligible to nominate.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • A candidate who is not elected shall automatically be reconsidered for five (5) consecutive Hall of Fame selections.

Candidate Categories


Must somehow have distinguished themselves above and beyond the normal standards. This may include, but is not limited to: state championship, sectional championship, league championship, state tournament appearance, undefeated season. The Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall select not more than one team in any year, and may choose not to select any team. Teams nominated must have played their season a minimum of 5 years prior to nomination.


A former coach (head coach or assistant coach) with at least ten (10) years of service at Stillwater Central School, who has contributed to the success of Stillwater Central School athletes. Nominees must have retired from coaching the specific sport at Stillwater 3 years prior to nomination. (Posthumous candidates exempted).


Any athlete who distinguished himself/herself in the field of athletics while a student at Stillwater Central School above and beyond the normal standards. This may include, but is not limited to: establishing individual state, sectional, league, school records or championships, selection to national, section, or league all-star team(s). Nominees must have graduated 10 years prior to eligibility (Posthumous candidates exempted).


An individual who has made outstanding contributions to the interscholastic athletic programs at Stillwater Central School other than coaching or playing.


1. Complete the nomination form. (How on to get a nomination form can be seen on the right side of the page, or below if on mobile phone.)

2. Include any information you feel is important which may not have been requested.

3. Return completed application to: 

Stillwater Athletic Hall of Fame
c/o Athletic Director
Stillwater High School
1068 North Hudson Avenue
Stillwater, New York 12170

Only those nominations received in our office before or on the deadline will be considered for that year. Nominees that have not been selected after five years will be purged and must be renominated to be considered for induction.