Big kindness by little learners earns them snowshoeing fun

Students snowshoeing with Principal Toleman

UPK and kindergarten students at Stillwater Elementary School earned an opportunity to go snowshoeing, and on February 23, they had some fun exploring the snowy trail behind their school.

After being fitted with their snowshoes, the students were guided out on the nature trail by Superintendent Patti Morris, Elementary Principal Rebecca Toleman and Assistant Principal Clint Froschauer. It was the first time on snowshoes for just about all of the children, and they did great.

Stillwater Elementary ran Food Wars during the month of November, which encouraged students to bring in food to support the school’s backpack program. The incentive was snowshoeing for the grade level that brought in the most food.

“Our kindergarten students brought in hundreds of items that helped to support the program,” said Principal Toleman. “We can teach our children about the impact kindness has by reading stories to them and sharing quotes, or we can directly involve them in activities through which they see and feel the impact.

“Our students were excited about winning Food Wars, and on February 23, they had a great time snowshoeing with Superintendent Patti Morris, Assistant Principal Clint Froschauer and their Principal.”

Watch a video of our snowshoeing students

Photo at top of page: Snowshoeing with Principal Toleman

Photo below:  Superintendent Morris and Assistant Principal Froschauer help the students put on their snowshoesSuperintendent and Assistant Principal help students put on snowshoes

Photo below: A happy snowshoeing student heads toward the trailA happy snowshoeing student starts toward the trail

Photo below: Snowshoeing on the nature trailSnowshoeing-students on the trail

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