Stillwater Summer Capital Project Update

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Driving past the Stillwater campus this summer, residents are sure to notice quite a bit of construction as capital project renovations are in full swing at all school buildings. The work was originally proposed in December 2016, when Stillwater residents approved the $23.1 million project, which included a variety of improvements to district facilities including structural renovations, paving and drainage work, asbestos abatement and security upgrades.

Phase 1 of the project was completed this spring and included demolition of the old middle school gym being converted into a new band and choral space. 

Work began on phase 2 over the summer and includes the installation of additional seating in the auditorium, a new entryway on the side of the auditorium, a new main entryway from the high school parking lot, a secured entryway at the main entrance to the middle school/high school, updates to lighting and the rigging system and the expansion of the backstage area. Phase 2 also includes replacing the roof on the bus garage, the expansion of two bays and the remodeling of office space.

Over the summer, work began on all of the entryways at the middle school/high school. The secured entryway at the main entrance will be completed by the start of school in September. Work on the auditorium entrance and the entrance from the high school parking lot is expected to be completed in the fall.

Auditorium renovations have also begun. The old seats have been removed and will be replaced with brand new seats later in the fall. In addition, there will be a new rigging system, a new sound system, and new lighting. Along with the new additions, the old sound panels will be refurbished and the entire space will be updated with new paint and carpeting. 

Driving onto campus this year is also a smoother ride. The high school parking lot, the middle school/high school bus circle and the entryway into campus have all been repaved.

Off campus at the bus garage, the new work bays were installed, as well as two new lifts. Work will continue here throughout the fall as the main focus this summer was on the school campus, in preparing for students’ return. 

We will continue to update the community as the project continues. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this busy, but exciting time on our campus.