Stillwater upperclassmen learn about career opportunities through Curtis Lumber

9 students lined up in front of Curtis Lumber store

Stillwater upperclassmen are being proactive when it comes to their future. At their age, many students have no idea what they’d like to do after graduation. However, students are often encouraged to explore their options and see what’s out there. On Tuesday, Oct. 15, a group of ten Stillwater juniors and seniors joined students from Waterford-Halfmoon on a visit to Curtis Lumber in Ballston Spa to learn more about their career opportunities. Before arriving on-site, the students chose either the sales career path or the operations career path and then attended sessions related to each. The students took a tour of the yard and the store and all of the different departments. They also watched demonstrations and learned about sales, marketing, the design process, different types of machinery, day-to-day operations and a variety of career opportunities. The students also heard from employees from many departments who shared how they got to the level they are at today and what it took to get there.

“We want young people to consider the building and material industry as an option,” said Doug Ford, Vice President of Sales & Purchasing at Curtis Lumber. “It doesn’t matter what level you are or how many years of school you’ve had. There is a job here for you and we will get you the education and training you need to reach your career goals.”

Thank you, Curtis Lumber for your partnership and a great experience for our students!