Update for middle/high school families – Friday, April 24

Dear Middle/High School Parents and Guardians,

As we continue with online learning through the fourth quarter, we want you to know the district is committed to providing students every opportunity to successfully end this challenging school year. The most important thing students and parents need to know is that participation in class is required for the duration of the school year (whether online or in person, depending on if school will ultimately open before June 26). Thus, it is of utmost importance that all students are engaged in online learning, completing assigned work, asking questions and requesting help as needed. Engagement is the key to your child’s academic success.

2019-20 Grading FAQ

These grading procedures were developed with the well-being of our students in mind. They reflect the unprecedented situation the COVID-19 crisis has created but are also designed to preserve the integrity of an academic program our staff and students have invested so much in.

How will my student’s grades be determined for the fourth quarter?

The district has developed the following standards for students to earn course credit; this is how evidence of learning in the fourth quarter will be assessed:

  • Incomplete – Achieving less than passing in a course
  • Pass – Achieving 65-84 for the 4th quarter
  • Pass with Distinction – Achieving 85+ for the 4th quarter

How is it determined which category my student will fall into?

Students are currently being given online assignments. Students are expected to complete all assignments for feedback and to monitor their progress as evidence of learning. For example: a student who does not complete assignments is therefore not exhibiting evidence of learning and would therefore receive an incomplete until the assignments are submitted. All students will have the opportunity to to make up work. A student who completes all assignments and is showing evidence of learning, would most likely be assessed as passing. A student who exceeds expectations on the same assignments would most likely be considered passing with distinction. It is critical that students attempt all assignments, reach out to teachers with questions and give each assignment their best effort.

How will my student’s final course grade be determined?

Students’ final course grades will be calculated as an average of the first three quarters and successful “Pass or Pass with Distinction” in the fourth quarter.

  • Example: Quarter 1= 80, Quarter 2 = 90, Quarter 3 = 85, Quarter 4 = “Pass” OR “Pass with Distinction”
  • Grade for course = 85 (average of Q1-3 and Pass or “Pass with Distinction” in Quarter 4).

How do I know if my student passed their credit-bearing classes?

If the student’s cumulative average for the first three quarters is a 65 or higher, they will receive the course credit.

What if a student receives an incomplete in the fourth quarter?

Students who receive incompletes will be contacted by their school principal and/or counselor to make arrangements for summer school. This is in an effort to provide students every possible opportunity to pass each class.

Please reach out with any questions.


Mr. Timothy Hulihan
Middle School Principal

Dr. Michael Johnson
High School Principal