Stillwater voters approve track & turf field, bleacher & doors project

On March 24, 2021, Stillwater residents approved, by a vote of  109 to 27, the district’s proposal to improve the track and turf field surfaces and middle school gym bleachers and doors.

The capital project will result in no tax increase. The majority of its $1.3 million cost will be paid for using funds already approved by district residents in 2018 and reserved for this use, with the remainder coming from the district’s fund balance.

“We thank Stillwater residents for supporting our project, which will help us address current needs while providing a safer environment for our students and the community members who use our facilities,” said Superintendent Patricia Morris. “The approved project will also allow us to have our fields and facilities ready and in good shape for the fall 2021 athletics season.”

A dedicated webpage featured detailed information on the project.