Warrior Days return!

students playing tug of war

The weather on June 10 was perfect for the return of Warrior Days at Stillwater, with abundant sunshine, pleasant temperatures and a light breeze  cooling the athletic fields.

“We were happy to bring back Warrior Days to the middle school this year,” said Stillwater Middle School Principal Timothy Hulihan.  “Warrior Days are fun days packed with field activities to celebrate our inner Stillwater Warrior spirit.

“Homerooms at each grade level compete against each other to earn points towards a cumulative total. The homeroom with the most points at each grade is crowned the Warrior Day Champion.”

Some of the events highlights include tug of war, duck-duck-goose, move the most mini-marshmallows, frisbee, tic-tac-toe toss, and tag, and lots of laughter, fun and fellowship.

Warrior Days continue on June 11.

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Watch our tug of war video!

student playing move the mini-marshmallow

2 students wearing warrior tee shirts